Terms of Use and reproduction

Conditions reserved for reproduction and press:

The user of the present press section recognizes that the representation and reproduction of the images is exceptionally authorized under the following cumulative conditions:

– With the express written consent of the Gallery on a case-by-case basis.
– Reproduction is strictly limited to three (3) images on a same medium independent of its nature.
– This use is only allowed for article or report illustrations regarding the related exhibition.
– For publication during the exhibition period, and within 1 month maximum after the day of the end of the exhibition;
– Every single reproduction shall be accompanied by the following copyright credit line: © Name of the artist. Courtesy Galerie Art-du-Temps – Drôme Provencale – France.
– Each reproduction available on Internet shall have a limited size of 72 dpi.

The user accessing the current press section agrees that the artworks presented or represented above are subjected to the protection of the French Intellectual Property Law.

Under these conditions, the production of the said artworks is specifically and strictly authorized in respect of the terms and conditions of the Intellectual Property Code.

Therefore, the user is not allowed to take part in any use and/or manipulation of the images that could infringe the authors’ copyright and/or the respect of their artwork.

The user recognizes that the Galerie Art-du-Temps and the author of the artworks represented herein have the right to use any required legal proceedings in order to assert their copyright and/or the respect of their work, notably regarding images compilation, de-compilation, representation and / or partial representation, illegal or fraudulent, and more generally regarding any infringement of any aspect or element of the artwork.

For any further request, please contact the gallery.