Born in Utena in 1977, Jurga lives and works in France. She exhibits her bronze or terra Cotta works in numerous galleries in France and in foreign countries (Ghent, Taipei, Torino…)
“Her flair’s revealed a completely new way of sculpting avoiding the refinement of the classical while imparting a vital magic to the little people – sometimes dreamy, sometimes laughing, sometimes imploring – to whom she dedicates her talents. Under her assured hand, her statues have acquired intense life,becoming astonishing characters at the mercy of circumstances all the more stunning for their realism : the children take on a fascinating life of their own making the viewer marvel at how this young artist manages to surprise and seduce with her mastery of Form and Space. And demonstrating a sprit that guides her hands with verve and infinite charm.” (André Ruellan, art critic, april 2014)

Available Works: