Serge Labégorre

Serge Labégorre was born in Talence (Gironde) in 1932. A long sickness, which constrains him to immobility, will provide Labégorre with the opportunity to express himself through drawing then painting – to which he will dedicate his whole life. The encounter with Henri Charnay, a genius of a drawing teacher at the Libourne high school will be a second opportunity in his artistic life.

“One which has a great personality draws well” (Japanese proverb). From Labégorre’s paintings, one is immediately drawn to the strength of his drawing! His visages subjugate us. Their traits are unambiguous and certain, their looks lively, penetrating, and determined. The paintings’ black backgrounds, far from engulfing them, further underline Labégorre’s determination. The bodies follow naturally in thick, audaciously colored layers of paint, which nonetheless come to life through halos of light. His paintings are a hymn to and a victory for life despite its vicissitudes. There is no despair in Labegorre’s work, only his desire to conquer, and, return it’s nobleness to mankind.