Remy Aron

Remy Aron graduated from the Paris School of Fine Arts in 1972. Member of the Salon d’Automne where he exhibited on a regular basis since 1981, Aron is also a professor of Painting and Engraving at the Fine Arts Ateliers of the city of Paris and, the president of the French Association of Plastic Arts. He is secretary to the Federation of Historic Salons at the Grand Palais in Paris and President of the Maison des Artistes.

When meeting Aron one is struck by his refinement and subtleness and this is, without surprise, reflected in harmoniously depicted objects and through a play of light, which inundates his paintings. Light engulfs both the interior still-lives and the more recent sur-realistic landscapes and brings them a fascinating presence. The gentleness of his paintings and contrasting colors, invite the onlooker to immerse himself in the canvass and make it our daily environment.