Raquel Arevalo

Raquel Arevalo is a young Spanish artist who graduated from the Madrid School of Fine Arts . If living a daily life, beaten by the same rhythm, in the same spaces, and similar experiences seems monotonous, then that is where Arevalo gets her inspiration and the significance to her work. Her theme? Places and spaces – dualities between the interior and the exterior.

As she writes herself: “it is by living in places that we apprehend them and it is precisely in repetition that situations and instants, as they get burned in our memory become an integral part of our lives. Nonetheless, my vision is not limited to a place in particular. I call into action a network of assembled memories and I put them in relation with each other and project them on the canvas.” Through this wise game of effects, the artist paints everyday places through the prism of colors and reflections, contrasting their interior and external lights.