Jean Prévost

Born in 1934 in Paris, Jean Prévost begins to paint at the age of 14.
His training commences at the School for Applied Arts of the City of Paris, then at the School for gold/silversmiths under the influence of masters such as Gabriel Lacroix and Serge Mouille. At 16 he becomes the particular student of fauvist painter Louis Neillot and participates in the Salon d’Automne and the Salon des Indépendents in Paris at age of 18. In 1959, he replaces Serge Mouille as professor at the School of Applied Arts in Paris. In 1977, at the Issy-les-Moulineaux Academy he meets and becomes friends with painters Jacques Boussard, Raya Safire, and Alexander Hinkis creator of the Metaclassicist Movement. He starts working with them, exchanging points of view on painting and taking part in their painting experiences.

Jean Prévost’s canvases reflect an exceptional expressive style, in which each strike of the palette, each movement is executed without stiffness but rather with measure and ease. As his Tangos, Prévost leads the dances with subtleness, and enables us to enjoy his landscapes, the elegance of a portrait, or his erotic and melancholic passion of a couple of dancers.

Prévost claims to be “a painter with turbulent desires, tempting to let go of his emotions. My painting talks of desires, of pleasures, of suffering and also of the sacred.” Jean Prévost enables us to escape from ordinary life through a constantly reinvented harmony of dancing steps, aggravated moods and emotions that rhythm his canvases.