Gheorghe Anghel

Gheorghe Anghel is one of Roumania’s finest painters and sculptors. As many of his contemporaries, Anghel resisted and endured the dark sides of the 20th century communist regime. This brought him to a roundabout expressionism in order to avoid any compromission with the state. He finds in Greek mythology the inspiration to depict and talk about the human kind – contemporary or more ancient. He manipulates multiple techniques with great talent (oil, tempera, acrylic, collage, ceramics) in which letters, numbers, words, and objects intermingle. Anghel does not try to flatter the onlooker. His oeuvre is singular, sincere, and reflects his conscience.

“Contemporary life interests me, and I avidly nourish myself with the wonders of this new millennium, nonetheless, I like the eternal values of culture and art without which we would not exist” says Anghel