Fran Recacha

Born in Barcelona in 1976, Recacha graduated from the school of Fine Arts in Barcelona (University of Barcelona). He is considered as one of the finest painters in contemporary realism and produces spectacular paintings filled with symbolic references to modern life as well as mankind’s destiny. He was awarded multiple prizes in Spain and more recently in the USA.

As a true poet, Fran Recacha touches our sensibility and imagination. Inspired by mythology, history and legends, he paints “ideistic”, symbolic and synthetic compositions. The eye revels at precise drawings, the disappearance of brush strokes, the expression of dynamism, energy, movement, or subtle color nuances in the shadows. The imaginary settings composed by Recacha’s mind take us to surrealistic scenes and often contribute to a critical (sometimes satirical or humoristic) perspective of contemporary society. The esthetic harmony of his work, hides truths that Recacha subtly explores: the antagonisms that prevail between vice and virtue, the fantastical and the real, collective memory and modernity.