Boris Chapko

Boris Leonidovitch Chapko-Lando was born in 1945 in Sverdlosvsk. In 1959 he finished his studies at the School of Fine Arts specializing in Interior Mural painting. He joins the Atelier of N. G. Tchesnokov, then the Traviceskii of Leningrad and finally becomes the student of A.D. Gontcharov at the Polygraphic Institute in Moscow from which he also graduates. Boris Chapko is a member of the Moscow Artistic Painter’s Union since 1985.

Chapko’s painting is recognized by collectors. His original and troubling style, his sensitivity to color, his profound understanding of composition and his artistic sense make his work all the more original and attractive.

Chapko concentrates on the allusive and has a talent for capturing the suggestive aspects of daily emotions. Whilst he places a candid eye on our world, he also paints the grotesque and absurdity of scenes and characters. He intends to have fun, even make fun of himself through his art… But remains fascinated by the world, which he considers marvelous.