Art du Temps celebrated its eighth anniversary in 2013 and started 2014 on a fruitful basis. Despite the macroeconomic downturn, especially in the European Union, the gallery has yet again fared well in the last twelve months.

Despite hesitations at the state level, the French government has temporarily backed down from killing private investment in its artistic scene by excluding artworks from its fiscal reform or including art in their owner’s fiscal wealth. This has provided much assurance to our growing base of collectors whom have shown unwavering commitment and support.

In 2013 we were honored to present two new artists, Labégorre – internationally acclaimed painter, and, Justamon – sculptor emphasizing the essence of humanity. In 2014 the programme has been intense in color and quality with personal exhibits by Roux, Kress, Ono and Ruel and more discoveries planned for the fall-winter. We are also grateful to our other artists for their perseverance and ability to surprise their respective collectors in exhibits on the Gallery’s first floor.

Our 2014 agenda will yet again provide a formidable opportunity for art admirers to visit our gallery and stroll through personal and group exhibits throughout the year.
A new Art du Temps website, will be delivered progressively in the first semester. Our ambition here again will be to better showcase our artists, update our clients and create interactive communication with remote collectors.
We look forward to hosting and making you feel at home in our upcoming events and exhibitions.

Véronique Ponette